We are now closed

After 40 years in the business the Jones family has decided to take a break and has ceased the trade of John Jones Art Centre Ltd.

We’re grateful to our loyal client base who has given us so many wonderful memories. From young artists at the start of their careers, to some of the biggest names in art; we’ve framed for royalty, for rock stars, A-list actors, world leaders and captains of industry. We’ve framed masterpieces, modern art, contemporary work, magna cartas, posters, family photos, football shirts, kimonos, guitar collections, children’s drawings… this list goes on. We’ve given every single work the same focused attention and care, right down to the beautiful piece of embroidery that an old lady from Finsbury Park brought in. We’ve been on an incredible journey and met some truly wonderful personalities.

We’ve built a first class team of dedicated experts over the years, from frame designers and art conservators to metal welders, gilders and joiners – our manufacturing and art teams really are outstanding. Its been rewarding to see so many go on to pursue their own artist careers or set up businesses within the artworld, that we’ve continued to work with on a freelance basis. We’ve also built strong working relationships with other art professionals who keep the artworld moving – curators, consultants, auction houses, museums, shippers, storage, installers, lighting experts, photographers, printers, suppliers, not to forget art colleges. We all play a part.

We are immensely proud that we have pushed the limits in framing, defined the standards in the UK, set ourselves as the ambassadors and market leaders of our industry. The artworld is a challenging place, but we’ve strived to raise the focus on not only presenting but also protecting art and ensuring its longevity for generations to come.

Our passion has always been the art. It really has been a lifelong effort and we are proud to say that we leave the art world in a much better state than when we first started.

For any outstanding queries please email info@johnjones.co.uk.

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